With over 35 years of experience in litigation, the motto of the firm and personal mantra for Rowland Hassall is “Don’t Hesitate - Litigate”.

Too many people spend a lot of time - and money - with lawyers negotiating a settlement without the benefit of the (Court) litigation process. Exchanging long letters and expressing opinions often solves nothing and you end up in court anyway. Litigation helps  to focus your mind on the issues and the commercial realities - including legal costs.


Our Process

Whether it is best to sue or defend a legal proceeding in a Court or Tribunal, we help you assess the situation so that you know your options.

We then manage, defend or prosecute and resolve by agreement or orders. Using our experience and resources, the litigation process and running each hearing - up to and including a Trial or earlier settlement - is supported by our team of talented barristers for the preparation of agreements, legal cases, and other required documents.

Finally, in the assessment of options and running of any matter, we pay attention to the commercial reality (as well as matters of principle) by continually monitoring the costs of litigation and seeking resolution with realistic and commercial attempts at settlement, all subject to your objectives and instructions.

We aim to achieve the best possible result for you, while trying to minimise your costs.

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