Building and Construction Law

The domestic building industry is a major contributor to the economy. It involves millions of dollars each year and owners and builders unfortunately end up in dispute from time to time. Hassall's have the experience and knowledge to resolve these disputes.

Whether acting for you as an owner or a builder, we bring our unique experience with domestic building work disputes to each situation and in the assessment of your options and obligations.

One common misunderstanding is that builders only need to take responsibility for their work for the 6 year period covered by the statutory warranty insurance. This is incorrect.

Another is that Owner-Builders are not responsible for their building work once they have their statutory warranty insurance. This too is incorrect.

On 19 February 2008, a case was run by Hassall’s Litigation Services on behalf of an owner who purchased a property from an Owner-Builder.

In this case, the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) confirmed that Section 134 of the Building Act 1993 allows an owner to bring a claim against a Builder/Owner Builder within 10 years of the date of issue of the Occupancy Permit/Certificate of Final Inspection in respect of the building work.

Many Owner-Builders do not understand the possible liability they can face.

Arranging to make a claim, assessing its value, and bringing the claim to a conclusion is what Hassall’s Litigation Services intends to achieve for all of our clients. We aim for the best possible outcome at the least possible cost.

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