Debt Recovery

30th of June came and went;
Wages to pay, money spent.

Collect the money that's been made;
There are many bills that must be paid.

“Please Pay” you've had to ask;
And SIXTY days has almost passed.

You should be paid! If not, why not?

In any commercial dealing between people for the supply of goods and services, there are obligations and entitlements – and we all want to get paid.

On the other hand, if you are a business and have a customer who disputes the quality of your service or the goods supplied, we help to resolve those disputes too.

Often a counter-claim by a customer (poor quality goods/services, late delivery, damaged goods etc.) is in response to a demand for payment. You need to resolve this dispute, so that you not only get paid, but to ensure there are no future claims made against you.

We help clients get paid for the goods and services they supply.