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Are you still owed money?

When you have outstanding payments owed to you by a client, and your attempt to contact them to finalise payment(s) have not finalised the matter, we have a low cost step that you can take before calling (and paying for) a debt collection service.

We’ve included a “Letter of Demand” on our website. This letter can now be your first, cost effective step to recover outstanding debts.

It’s easy to use:

  1. Simply click HERE and you will be directed to our “Demand Letter”
  2. Simply complete your details and your debtor’s details in the form provided on our website; and
  3. Pay a flat fee of $110.00 [incl GST]

Hassall’s Litigation Services will complete a Letter of Demand on our letterhead. The letter will be sent, within 7 days of payment, to your debtor. This demand letter serves as a warning to pay the money or further legal action may be taken.

This new service will only cost you $110.0 [inc GST] to have the letter completed, printed and delivered.

Once the Demand Letter has been sent

No further action will be taken. However, if you require further assistance, simply contact us and we may assist you to commence proceedings to recover your debt.

To complete your Letter of Demand, simply click here.

This article provides information that is general in nature and is not a substitute for legal advice.